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  • 35+ Year track record of successful solar projects
  • 25-Year industry-leading power and product warranty
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Find out how much you can save today! Free solar savings estimate.

Find out how much you can save today! Free solar savings estimate.

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Solar Energy - SmartSearch

Find your solar solution online with SunPower

Design Studio
Our intuitive SunPower Design Studio lets you build your own system online from the safety of your home, so you can see what solar looks like on your roof.

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Fill out this short form to see how much you can save on electricity by switching to the most powerful and efficient solar panels on the market.

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Want to find your perfect system without leaving home? Set up a free online appointment with one of our solar pros and get in-depth advice without worry.

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Find your solar solution online with SunPower.

Solar Energy - SmartSearch
  • Better solar, bigger savings
  • Take control of your energy use
  • The world needs cleaner energy
  • Monitor your home solar, storage and electricity use
  • A complete home solar + storage solution

Secure the best offer

Solar Energy - SmartSearch

Our detailed machine learning analysis will scan solar services best offers, comparing current promotions, the hardware, number of cameras and components.

Solar Energy - SmartSearch

Brands normally have exclusive secret deals, only available for special customers. Our protocols with them will give you access to exclusive deals, saving you money, while keeping the best fit for you.

Solar Energy - SmartSearch

Installation fees, and easy set-up, is one of the key aspects on choosing the best solution for your smart security system. Our software makes a detail general analysis before recommending the best offer for you.